Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Living Room

Before. . .

These are photos of the Living Room from the estate agents brochure:

We viewed ALOT of properties that Summer.  I had my heart set on buying a period property but the minute I saw this place I knew it was the one.   It's a timber frame detached house built in 2003, but for a newly built house it did have some character, e.g. timber windows which I loved.  Also, being a new house it had those lovely practical things such as hypoallergenic insulation, modern plumbing and geothermal underfloor heating! Eco friendly and efficient!  so hubby was happy!!  We fell in love with the location, in the countryside just outside a small village, with views of the forest and the valley and only one mile from the beach.  We were sold!

This is the Living Room on the day we moved into the house back in September 2009.

At the time our baby was just 1 year old so this place was perfect as we felt we weren't taking on too much.  Really it was just a matter of putting our own stamp on it as it just needed a few cosmetic touches.  The interior and exterior of the house just needed painting and decorating and the grounds some landscaping and a little finishing - the fun bits!

We moved into our new house in September 2009 and since then we've gradually been putting our own stamp on the place and turning it into our home.  The first year the priority was repainting the interior, putting up light fittings and bedroom storage.  Then last Spring we moved to the outside and concentrated on landscaping.  After the Summer, thoughts turned once more to the inside of the house and getting rid of the carpet became my number one priority.   So last October we started our Living Room Project!   (We're big on 'projects' in this house!)  The living room was a fine, large room 13' x 28' but it felt a bit long and narrow and as I needed an office space I had a brainwave!  This involved carving off the end of the Living Room with a partition wall and double doors thereby creating a smaller room (my new office) with the dual benefit of now having a much better proportioned main Living Room area!! 

Here you see the new wall going up with an opening for double doors which leads into new office.


 We then put down a lovely oak floor (engineered oak to match the rest of the downstairs flooring).  I was so happy to see that carpet go!  After that a little plastering and painting and some new trim around the windows and it was finished  (Well, almost, just a few finishing touches still to do!  I'm still moving into the office, but more on that later!)   At least the Living Room was ready just in time for Christmas - phew!

After . . .


for the love of a house said...

It's beautiful Sharon! And so smart to steal a little space for an office. I love the doors and how they make the room "feel"! Wonderful job! We've big on projects around here too;)


LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hey Joan, thamk you so much for your lovely comments and your warm welcome to Blogland! They are greatly appreciated!

Style Maniac said...

What an amazing transformation!

Thank you for your kind words on my guest post over at Design Chic. I love the name and spirit of your blog -- can't wait to explore further.


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