Monday, January 30, 2012

One of the Family

Meet one of the family!  This is our dog Darcy (yes, I am a BIG Jane Austen fan, the boys threw their eyes to the sky when I suggested this name, they wanted something more rugged like Spike, Scruffy or Scamp - but he was Darcy to me).  He's a rescue dog and he's settling in very well but sometimes he is naughty! He raids the bin and barks at people walking past the house and takes washing - socks in particular off the clothes horse and into his basket for a good chew.  Most of the time he's good and just follows me around the house 'helping' me with my jobs.   Today he 'helped' me paint the bathroom, he sat on the upturned lid from the tin of paint and then he 'painted' the floor with his cute little Farrow & Ball bottom! But he is so affectionate and cuddly that I don't stay mad at him for long, he's just too cute!!

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