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I was recently mentioned by the beautiful Leslie at Trouver Le Soleil blog.  Trouver le Soleil means French for "Finding the Sun". Leslie's blog is her creative out-let to discuss all things that she enjoys; the great Pacific Northwest, Home, Health & Beauty, Cooking, and Tips for Healthy Living.  I love her blog as the posts are varied and her style is friendly and supportive.  Leslie is a beautiful person, inside and out and has been a great support to me which is greatly appreciated as I'm a new blogger!  So, when Leslie mentioned me on her blog I was very touched.  

Liebster means favourite or dearest in German.  To find out more about the Liebster award head over to Miss B at Bobochic.  It's all good fun and a really great way of promoting new blogs. I was nominated by Leslie and now I'm nominating 5 other new bloggers in turn.  I've only found 2 great new blogs so far but I will keep looking and if you know of any please let me know, I will add to this list as I find them.

My 2 favourite new blogs are:

Inredningsvis  Maria lives in the wonderful city of Gothenburg, in Sweden.  Maria's interior design blog is full of inspiring images of ideas.  I love Swedish design and Maria's blog showcases this beautifully.  Maria describes herself as a creative beauty-addict with a true sense of everyday luxury, which sums her blog up for me.  A beautiful place worth checking out!

16 L Street   Lisa is another new blogger who has just started a lovely new space in blogland.  Lisa's blog focuses on beautiful home decor, thrifting, supporting local business, DIY/crafts and is an outlet for all her creative ideas.  I just had a look at Lisa's etsy shop and it too is full of gorgeous goodies.  Again, this is another beautiful new blog well worth checking out!

I'll post more nominees as I come across them.  Meanwhile, head over to Maria and Lisa and say hi!


I just found another blog for my list:

Linen 'n Lace    I just stumbled upon Karen's blog and I'm so glad I did!  Karen's blog is full of beautiful images and as you can gather from her blog's title Karen quilts - I so admire people who are good at sewing!  Like me Karen is a daydreamer and loves roses and pretty tables set for afternoon tea!  I only came across Karen's blog this morning but I'm looking forward to discovering more of her blog.  Please stop by and say hello to this lovely blogger!



-Lisa said...

Hi Sharon,
Thank you so much for nominating me/my blog 16 L Street!! This is a first for me and I am giddy with excitement. I will be sure to send my readers your way when I mention your nominations in my next post. I'm drooling over your blog and will definitely be exploring it throughout the weekend. I'm your newest follower and will visit often and get to know you better! Have a wonderful day (La Vie en Rose is one of my favorite movies, I love Edith Piaf many of her songs live on my iPod)

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hi Lisa, you're very welcome! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too! Enjoy your day!


Phuong said...

i love discovering new blogs!

Travel in Style

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SOO MUCH:) That really made my day and Im so happy you like my blog. I love your blog also and will happily follow:) I wish you the best of weekends.

BIG LOVE ...Maria at inredningsvis

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hi Phuong, Me too! Glad you discovered mine :)

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Maria, you're very welcome - i'm very happy to follow your blog too! Love Swedish style and your beautiful images!

Karen said...

Sharon - you are so sweet to nominate my blog. I am so very new at this, don't post daily like others and try to only post what inspires me. Yes, I'm a quilter, I love linen and lace, antiques, all things french and the mountains. My blog will be a variety of loves and inspirations. And of course your blog inspires me!

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