Monday, July 2, 2012

Kinsale Farmer's Market


I went to a Farmer's Market last week in Kinsale (my local town).  It was a beautiful sunny day and as we've been having A LOT of rain lately, everyone in town was in a good mood and there was a lively atmosphere among the stallholders and customers alike.

The first stall I came to was full of delicious breads and cakes!  The stall is run by the lovely Shannon who I know because she is also the owner of  Diva's Cafe and Diva's Deli in Ballispittle and just happens to be my new neighbour (my new shop is next door to Diva's cafe!).

I LOVE Shannon's cafe and deli - her food and cakes are legendary!  I had the BEST chocolate cake I've ever had in the cafe the other day - truly Divalicious!!   The styling of the cafe and deli is cool and original think 'gently alternative' meets vintage!  If you are in Ballinspittle/Kinsale and looking for somewhere for lunch or some cake and coffee head to Diva's.  Highly recommended!!

Isn't her packaging gorgeous??  I bought some of her rye bread and had it for lunch - yum, scrum!


Look at these marshmallow beauties on top and cupcakes on the bottom . . .


More deliciousness . . .

Love the blue glass cake stand . . . 

Then it was on to this beautiful stand!  Herbs and flowers all beautifully presented, no ugly plastic pots here.  This stall belongs to Cambium a small nursery/garden centre who sell plants and organic gardening supplies.   They are on the road from Ballinspittle to Kinsale.  The lady was lovely and we chatted for a while about plants and markets.  I have to say the plants herbs, veg and flowers were all SO healthy and superbly presented in organic coir pots.  All the plants were reasonably priced too!  Well worth checking out if you're out Kinsale/Ballinspittle way!




I didn't actually buy a crepe even though I love them - will get one next week!  but there were people queuing up to order so they must be good!!!

More flowers at the market.  Meant to go back and get this stall's name but ran out of time so will update this next week!


The Finders Inn is a restaurant in Nohoval and also have this stall at the Farmer's Market selling a range of food.  I've had their brown bread before - gorgeous.  Haven't tried their soups but I must say they looked good on that table!!


For the life of me I cannot remember this man's name!  So sorry, and will write it down next week and update this post.   I wish I could because he was so very nice and gave me lots of nice tasters and I bought some lovely cheese from him (can't remember the name of it either!).  I asked him for Comte (my favourite cheese in the whole world) but he mostly sells Irish cheeses so he recommended something similar and it was GOOD!! I demolished it when I went home with Diva's rye bread!  I have to admit I didn't realise there were so many good Irish cheeses out there, will defo go back for more Irish cheese next week.

Everything was beautifully displayed here as well.

Next stop . . .


Olives, tomatoes, pesto mmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . all my favourite things in one place!!

Love all the wooden buckets/holders . . . and so neatly displayed!  I ADORE black olives and these were DIVINE!!!!

There was also an organic pig farm stall called . . . 


They were packing up to leave as I came along so just got a snap of these jars of lard - I like the labels - "Good Old-Fashioned Lard"! Cute!  Kinsale is a beautiful old town, I really must do a post soon as there is so much to show you. 

Lovely old buildings in the little square.


I was really drooling over this stall.  Strawberries and pretty flowers!!!!!  Even the tablecloth was gorgeous!    I got chatting to Lydia the stall owner (lovely lady) and she told me that her parents grow the strawberries and she (Lydia) does the flowers.  I bought a huge bouquet of the white roses and Queen Anne's Lace and lots of other interesting blooms.  They were stunning and SO reasonably priced!!  Amazing value and the arrangement was so pretty and vintage in style - I've never seen flowers or arrangements like them.   Beautiful, pretty, soft, unusual flowers AND scented - just stunning!  I will defo be calling back to Lydia again and this time I will remember to pick up some strawberries.

Isn't Lydia's sign so cute??

So when I got home I took out all my market purchases and they looked so pretty I just had to take some photos before I demolished the lot!

Farmer's Market Kinsale, Co. Cork.

Every Wednesday 10 am - 2.30pm.




Mrs. Sutton said...

Oh YUM - that looks like a fabulous farmers market - my mouth is watering just looking at your photographs - particularly the last two in your kitchen!
The 'Diva' packaging is absolute genius - love it! Is your shop going to be in this market square? The shops all look so pretty - once your shop is up and running, I am definitely going to have to take my very first trip over to Ireland. It's something that I have always wanted to do - (My Great grandfather was Irish!) - but you've totally convinced me that I have to make it a reality - if only to try some of that scrummy looking Irish cheese!
Paula xxx

Kifus said...

Love going to markets, and what a gorgeous one this is!

Your shopping vignette looks beautiful and delicious!

Have a great week, Sharon.

PURA VIDA said...

Sharon, I love the cambium...your selections were so lovely all together!

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

OOOOOooh do! Come, come, come Paula!!!!! Oh, I'd love you to visit, we would have a BALL!!! I would be SOOOOo excited to show you the shop! You just have to come now, I'll do another post on Kinsale and show you all the beauty spots and make you want to visit even more! AND you've Irish ancestors!!!!! - you will love it over here!!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

What a charming, charming market!! I'd shop there all the time, Sharon. How were you able to resist the crepe man? I love savory ones....with ham and cheese, especially....YUM!!! I love supporting independent and small farmers, businesses, and merchants. Thanks for taking us to market. Your flowers are so pretty :-)
Have a great week.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

You are so lucky to live in Kinsale, it is such a beautiful place and these pictures only prove it.

Susan T said...

Fabulous place. I love farmers markets, we sometimes have one in our village but yours looks very up market. Ours tends to be lots and lots of vegetables and a few fairy cakes! How you resist buying the lot I do not know.

Sara Louise said...

I have no idea how I didn't figure out that you live in Kinsale - a gorgeous place that I can't believe I haven't been too - my cousin recently opened a cupcake business there called Blackbird Bakery. You should check it out :) x

Bluebells and Lavender said...

Lovely post Sharon, what delicious cakes and lots of stalls, glad you had a fabulous time! Look forward to pics of your shop when you open! Have a great weekend! Sharon x

Anonymous said...

MMMMM I want to eat the whole post haha:) It was a while ago I heared from you, I hope evertything is ok.
Im happy because Ive been invited to go to Nice(france) for my birthday in october:) I love all french things.

I wish you a great weekend dear:)

LOVE Maria

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,Love your piece on Kinsale.Well love all your posts&photography&style.Am an avid follower but took until now to comment.Live about 40 mins from Kinsale & love markets ,to thinkd people thinking of visiting from abroad and I can't get down the road!!So when is the big opening,kill 2 birds and all that.Am on hols in sunny Spain at present.Say hi to your boys,especially your darling youngest.Have u figured out who I am yet??xx Mary

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor said...

how fun! love going to Farmer's markets & finding all the artisanal goods!

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Welcome to the blog Mary! So happy to have you hear and thank you for all your support over the last few months and your lovely comment!!! Shop going well and all my boys doing well thank God! Youngest darling misses you lots - he's doing great!!

Lots of love,


Im Spiegel said...

Hello Sharon, wonderful blog! Greetings from Germany, Nadja

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Hi Sharon,
I just found your blog and I'm happy to follow! What a wonderful place- I love farmer's markets so much. It is too hot here to venture out much, but in the fall I'll enjoy it.
Looks like a lovely day.

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

There's so much beauty in this post that I don't know where to start. The blue cake stand at Diva's is gorgeous (I've had my eye on cake stands) and how awesome are the labels on the bread? I would be at the Real Olive every single week! Farmers markets are just so great because you can find so many different 'favorites' in one place :)

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