Sunday, June 24, 2012

La Vie en Rose Logo

Nearly there now!   Waiting for a few more comments on the bag and stamp before the verdict is in!!  In the meantime would you mind helping me again??  Please???

Still got to decide on logo although we're 99% there but thought I would ask you to select your favourite before it goes to print.  The logo is SO important as it will be going on everything - signage, stationary, advertising, bags etc.  So I really want to get this right.  Could you please pick one of the following that you think works the best for the shop, I would be SO grateful!!!!

A:  Grey Rose with 4 leaves

B:  Grey Rose with 2 Leaves

C: Pink Rose with 4 leaves

D: Pink Rose with 2 Leaves

E:  Plain Font in Rectangle

Thank you all SO much for helping me out with this!!!!



Susan T said...

After careful consideration I would go with A. xx

The Silver Bunny said...

C, absolutely ! I find that pink rose with four leaves the most striking. Aren't you sweet asking for our opinions ; are you really going to go by it ? Anyway,bon courage pour le reste du travail !xxx

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Lots of progress :-) I love options A & B. Beautiful!!! My only concern is that once the logo is on a small business card, might be hard to see the rose. Really lovely!

Mrs. Sutton said...

Hello - this is SUCH fun!
I'd say definitely 4 leaves on the rose, and i'm swaying between choice A with the all grey and choice C - pink rose with 4 leaves. Mmmmmmm. I think that if I'm forced, then perhaps choice C - 4 leaves and pink rose.
Paula xxx

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I like option A the best. The symmetry is very pleasing to the eye.

Elizalily said...

I like A the best as I'm obsessed with grey and 2 leaf is less fussy!

MYSAVIOR said...

I like A and C but my creative eye is being drawn to D.
I know I always choose the odd man out though since my artistic eye is outside the box if you ever checked my photography in my etsy shop.

PURA VIDA said...

#1 is my number one

Bluebells and Lavender said...

Hi Sharon, I've only just popped over to view your blog - I would go with E - because to me it's a more modern take - it still has the French feel to it, but the others look the same. Sorry to throw a spanner in the works! Have a lovely week. Sharon

Kifus said...

Hi Sharon! Hands down grey rose with four leaves! Soooo perfect!!


Style Maniac said...

What an exciting venture!
I like "A."

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