Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paint for Shop

We have a winner . . .

Blue Grey

Thank you all for leaving your comments!   I think most of you liked the Blue Grey the most which is what I hoped you'd all say because I LOVE this colour.  So phew!  that's the paint taken care of!  I have so many decisions to make at the moment - all very pleasant ones I have to admit - that it's easy to overthink every little thing!  So it's been great to get all of your opinions, thank you.

Also, regarding the bags, most people suggested stamping the bags - I LOVE this idea!  My husband suggested this too!  As you all said they will be unique and it  gives the right vintage vibe, so I'm going to go with this too! 

Now, do I go with plain brown Kraft paper bags with a dark brown/black ink or a cream bag with a blue grey ink???????  Decisions, decisions!!!



PURA VIDA said...

oooo...cream or white bags with blue grey ink...and some kind of matching tissue

Mrs. Sutton said...

Definitely a cream bag with a blue grey ink for me! it's elegant and feminine and gives the right combination of vintage 'Frenchness' (not a real word I know, but you get the idea - lol!) and the rusticity will come from the stamped logo, so it wont be too cutesy. Also, it suits the style of your home, which I'm guessing will be similar to the shop?
Paula xxx
p.s. I'm LOVING this - thanks SO MUCH for including us in your decision making!

Leslie said...

Cream! :) How fun is this?! Sharon, I know this will be a huge success because you are so passionate about it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Elizalily said...

I'm obsessed with grey at the moment so I was thinking a grey paper bag a white French postcard stamp on it with the shop name and number etc!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

YAY!! That was my pick, too. Now, why didn't I think of the bag idea?? it :-) I like the Kraft brown option.

Virginia said...

oh I"m late to the pick the paint party but I love love your choice. I think stamping the logo is a cost effective idea kbut I think I'd need to see the logo before I could give an opinion. I know you'll pick the most delicious thing and we'll all love it.

Merci bien for all of your delightful comments on my Paris blog. I look forward to them!

MYSAVIOR said...

Cream bags with blue/gray stamps.


Sara Louise said...

I would go with the paper bag with the dark brown or black ink. So happy you've decided to stamp them :)

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