Friday, September 7, 2012

Japanese Garden

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for all your lovely comments on Niall's blog post!   You are all so sweet!  I didn't realize what a great writer he is - but I think he's a natural!!   I loved his post, it was funny, practical and romantic - just like Niall!   I'm trying to persuade him to do another one so watch this space!!

On holiday in Kerry recently while flicking through a guide book we came across this garden.  It wasn't that far away from where we were staying so we went for a look.  I really wanted to check out the Japanese section of the garden as I love this style of garden and I've never actually seen one in person before, just in magazines.  This garden is called 'Dhu Verrran - it's in Milltown, Co. Kerry.  We had a lovely stroll around and enjoyed looking at the various plant collections they had - the cactus collection in one of the greenhouses was brilliant.  But my favourite section of the garden was definitely this Japanese inspired garden with koi pond, bridge and tea house.  Isn't it cute??

The black and red Japanese style bridge.  So beautiful. 

Bright blue agapanthus and a butterfly/moth??  can't tell the difference sometimes!!

It was so relaxing in the little tea house looking out at the bridge.  I would love something like this in my own garden.  It was a very calm, soothing place to be. 

View from inside the tea house looking out to the bridge.  


 Hope you all have a lovely relaxing weekend!



Sara Louise said...

I have the strangest feeling that I've been there before. Do you know if the garden has been there for a long time? I think I might have been there when I was a child. Time to call my mother! x

Bluebells and Lavender said...

What a beautiful serene garden - I thought you were going to say you've had a quick trip to Japan! Very authentic Japanese, who would have guessed it was in County Kerry? Have a lovely week. Sharon x

Leslie said...

This is just lovely :) There is something so peaceful and serene about a Japanese garden. It's the Ying and the Yang, right? :)

Have a wonderful weekend! It's always so nice to stop by :)


Giovanna vanna said...

interessante il tuo blog, mi piace molto e mi sono iscritta! se ti va di ricambiare ,ti aspetto da me, grazie!

Mrs. Sutton said...

It would be wonderful to have a place like this at the bottom of the garden so that I could practice my yoga and just sit in peace sometimes! Absolutely magical!

Niall's post was great - I would love to get my husband, Duncan, to write something for me, but unfortunately it would probably be about vintage cars in some shape or form!

Thank you once more for getting so many people to take a look at my Facebook page - I am overwhelmed by your support and the amount of people who have popped over as a result - you are one fabulous (and obviously much loved and respected judging by the number of lovely people who have come to say hello) Lady!!!
Best wishes,
Paula xxx

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Welcome to the blog Giovanna! Glad you like it!!

Paula, (Mrs. Sutton) you are very welcome! and thank you for your lovely comment. Glad to help, I remember what it was like when I first started on Facebook!! Sharon xxxx

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