Sunday, September 30, 2012

Upwards and Onwards . . .


The Finalist list for the 2012 Irish Blog Awards is out!  Unfortunately, La Vie en Rose (I was shortlisted in the Lifestyle category) didn't make it through :(   Yes, I am disappointed but living 'La Vie en Rose' means finding the positive in every situation.  The silver lining in this little cloud?  I am SO happy that I was nominated in the first place!  Some lovely person took the time to nominate my blog in 3 categories (no mean achievement).  Then I was shortlisted - I was sooooo excited when I heard the news.  Now that my blog hasn't got through at this stage it just makes me want to try harder so maybe I'll make it through next year!!  So, upwards and onwards!

So congratulations to all the finalists in the Lifestyle category:
A special BIG congratulations to Dee (a good blog friend of mine) of the Greenside Up blog.  I am THRILLED that Dee's blog made it through (in 2 categories!).  Dee works SO hard at her blog that this recognition is just so well deserved.  It's almost as good as getting through myself - (almost!!) :)  I don't know any of the other blogs but I am going to visit them all!  There are lots of other categories and lots of other blogs I want to check out - I never realised how many other bloggers there were in Ireland!  So hopefully lots of new friends to make aswell. 

So now how do I make my blog better?  There is always room for improvement and I have some ideas but I thought I would ask the people who know my blog best - my lovely readers!!   Thank you, thank you , thank you!   Without you, there would be no blog, no comments and no nominations!!!  So would you please give me your ideas and suggestions.  eg What type of posts do you like??   About what subjects??  I really would appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism on this.   And this will just make La Vie en Rose a better blog all round.  See - it's ALL GOOD!!!! :)

Lots of love,



Dee Sewell said...

Sharon I'm beaming from ear to ear at your lovely comments and in between is a blushing red face! Thank you so much for your support x As for your own blog just keep doing what you're doing. I really enjoy the variety and mixture of your posts, the colours, the humour and the beautiful photography. Keep it up :))

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

You are kind, talented and classy. That's why we all love you, and why you were nominated. Congratulations to everyone....great honor!!

I'd love to see more of Ireland and the old villages. I know you have many international readers from all over the world.


Sara Louise said...

Your positivity and attitude are wonderful Sharon!
As for your blog, I like seeing photos of your house because I love your decorating style. Also, tidbits about how your shop is doing and snippets about some of the customers and life in Cork would be fun too xx

PURA VIDA said...

Sharon, you are precious!

Leslie said...

Shsron, congratulations on the nomination :) You are talented and very kind!!

Mrs. Sutton said...

Sharon, just keep doing what you're doing - it's absolutely PERFECT!!! Of course, if forced - being an incredibly nosey person - I always love to take a peek into my favourite bloggers beautiful homes, to see their gorgeous decorating ideas and stunning vignettes, so for me, those are the best posts!
Paula xxx

The Snowdrop Project said...

Hi Sharon,
I think your blog is perfectly fine as it is.
Even in the short time that I've been following you, you have taken us on your journey of starting up your shop and letting us into your lovely home and family.
Of course, if they had let us vote for you, you would have won hands down!
Have a lovely week,

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Dear Sharon, your optimism and outlook is contagious! I'm so glad we're friends! You're just a great influence. I know that you're going to have La Vie En Rose to even greater heights! xoxox

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