Thursday, August 9, 2012

Annie Sloan Paint, Fabrics, Wax, Brushes and Books at La Vie en Rose

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Clear Wax, Dark Wax and Brushes 

As you all know I am now stocking Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in La Vie en Rose.   I'm also painting vintage and new furniture with this range of paint and selling them in shop.  So, I thought I'd show you all the other Annie Sloan products that I'm now carrying aswell. 

Dresser full of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  I painted this dresser in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and finished it in a layer of Annie Sloan Clear Wax

The paint comes in a beautiful range of colours, muted, faded and chalky!  This is standard range of colours available.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colour Chart

Annie has written over 20 books which have sold over 2 MILLION copies!!!    We have 'Creating the French Look' and 'Easy Paint Transformations' in stock.    They both show detailed painting projects and painting techniques.

When I went over for the stockist training course I fell in love with Annie Sloan's fabrics so now I'm stocking them as well!!!  They go SO well with the paint - I particularly love the Faded Roses!!!

More Annie Sloan Fabrics!

This is my counter in the shop.  My husband Niall made it for me - I ADORE it!!  The counter top was made from reclaimed scaffolding planks!  Niall scraped the cement off, power hosed them, then scrubbed and sanded them down!  We then applied a very watery wash of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint and water and  painted the top to get a limewashed finish and then finished with a layer of clear wax.  The sides of the counter were made from inexpensive tongue & groove pine boards and painted in a mix of Louis Blue and Paris Grey.  So I got my lovely rustic, chunky counter hand made for a few pound!! Thanks Niall!!!! xxxx

So now I've asked Niall to make me a kitchen island exactly like this - I just love this look (and th price!!!).  I've already picked out the stools for island - these metal beauties!!!!  So that's the next home project - can't wait!!!!

 When planning the new shop I knew I wanted to stock some small accessories and gifts.   So customers can always pick up little items - you know sometimes how you just want to buy something!!!  So I've got a LOT of candles, soaps and scented linen bags and hearts - things like that.    I thought that these little ceramic hearts were cute and actually bought a few as I thought they'd make great Christmas Tree decorations!!  Anyway, a mother and daughter (aged about 5 or 6) were in the shop today.  They started browsing and then the little girl walked up to the mother carefully holding the Angel heart and said "Mum can we get this for Granny, cos you know how much she loves God!".  Wasn't that SO sweet!!!!!!  The innocence!!!!



PURA VIDA said...

I think I could shop here a very long time...I just love how it looks!

Kifus said...

Hi Sharon, I'm drooling girl!
Your shop is simple perfection (as I was sure it would be). I love everything, from the counter made by you hubby to the displays and the little ceramic heart. Kudos to you, my friend!

As I have been away from blogland for about a month I also read your previous entries. You have a beautiful family, it's nice to meet Criostoir, Aran, and Niall.



PS: could you let me have your shop's address? I looked around but couldn't find it in your blog. Thanks!

The Snowdrop Project said...

All looks fab Sharon.
Could you ask Niall to pop round here whe he's made your kitchen? I've got so many jobs that need doing!!
You are a lucky girl.
Have a lovely day,

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Thanks Kifus! Hope you enjoyed the break! I've been absent myself the last few weeks getting shop ready so posting like mad now!!

the shop address is:

La Vie en Rose
Main Street Ballinspittle
Co. Cork

Are you planning a trip to Ireland????


LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Thank you Pura - Vida for all your lovely comments - each one greatly appreciated!


LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Hey Liz,

Ha ha!! A lot of women have been asking for Niall's services lately!!! :) Unfortunately he has an ever growing list of 'projects' from me that should be finished in about 10 years time!!! Can you hang on til then???


Leslie said...

Beautiful Sharon! I just purchased the paint in Graphite.. also got the wax and brush.. to work on some small items.

Enjoy your day and so glad things are coming along at the store-front!


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